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About Us


Cropmate Fertilizer Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2018 specialising as an organic fertilizer manufacturer and supplier. While relatively new in the market, the founders and staff in Cropmate Fertilizer has had over decades of experience and expertise in organic fertilizer production and sales.

The founder Mr. Lee Chin Yok, is among the pioneers in the production of high-quality compaction granular compound fertilizer in Malaysia. Equipped with over 38 years of experience in organic fertilizer manufacturing, Cropmate Fertilizer is off to a great start with the right founder.

Our History


Since its establishment, Cropmate Fertilizer has started serving the Malaysian market as an organic fertilizer manufacturer. Within the short time that Cropmate has been operating, it has also started exporting to foreign markets as well.

March 2019 marks Cropmate’s first export, a breakthrough with over 2,000 Metric Tonnes worth of organic fertilizers to Cambodia. In April 2019 and May 2019, Cropmate also closed export deals to New Zealand, Thailand and Australia.

Mission & Vison


Our mission is to provide high-quality products and services with affordable prices throughout Malaysia and to expand our services to other Asian countries.


We strive to be recognized by customers as the best local manufacturer producing fertilizers that can match if not exceed the imported products’ quality.

Core Values

Cropmate values the will to achieve new milestones and limits in becoming the best in our industry and nation in order to attain higher customer satisfaction.

Our Factory

Cropmate Fertilizer’s factory is strategically located at Telok Gong, Port Klang, where the export and import of goods are easily accessible. The factory has a build-up size of 5840 sq. metres, and the office a build-up of 445 sq. metres. Currently, Cropmate’s production line is able to handle a production capacity of up to 5,000 Metric Tonnes in a single month.

Brand Story

Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer




Mr. Lee Chin Yok, the founder and Managing Director of Cropmate Fertilizer has over 38 years of experience in fertilizer manufacturing. He manages an experienced sales team staffed by individuals with at least 10 years of working history in the market.

Additionally, Mr. Lee also specializes in market development. His experience and designation does not stop him from providing technical advisory for Cropmate’s customers, a crucial task for the business which requires personal interactions with the potential buyers and repeat clients.

Mr. Lee was born into a family with “agriculture as its backbone”.


As such, he has been familiarized with the industry’s working methods and products since he was young and the passion for the industry has been long since instilled in him.

After Mr. Lee retired from his former company, he set up the fertilizer-focused company with assistance from his two sons. Hence, our product brand, “Dua Daun” was born, but our story did not stop there.

New products were continually innovated by incorporating new technologies into the production of the fertilizers with the aim to help farmers increase their product yield and quality.

The production and innovation of Dua Daun products aimed to enhance the fertilizer’s performance, promoting long-term plant and soil fertility and to reduce the input costs. Every research and development project carried out were done for Dua Daun products to be able to compete with the quality of imported fertilizers, but with a more competitive price in the local market.

When we work as a team, we win as a team. This is our principle, and it is one that will promote Malaysian-made fertilizers internationally.




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Cropmate Fertilizer

Cropmate Fertilizer Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2018 specialising as a fertilizer manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia. 

While relatively new in the market, the founders and staff in Cropmate Fertilizer has over decades of experience and expertise in goods production and sales.

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